facilities and procedures

Bearly Tawl consists of our main facility and a separate infant center a few steps away. Both are home-like and comfortable, and each has its own outside play area. The infant center has a 400 square foot porch play zone and the main day care building has a large playground with separate areas for each class level.


Bearly Tawl is open from 7AM until 5PM weekdays. We maintain a holiday schedule that typically matches public school closures for national holidays on and around New Years Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Our buildings are equipped with a numbered keypad entry system at each entry door, and panic bars on each exit door. This allows us to keep the doors locked from the outside at all times. No one is allowed to enter unless we open the door for them, or they are a parent who knows the entry code. However, from the inside the doors are kept unlocked during all hours of operation. All designated parties who are picking up a child for the first time and who have not been introduced to the staff by the director are required to show photo ID before a child will be released to them.

sanitation and cleaning

All rooms and areas where children play are cleaned daily. Our infant facility is also sanitized daily. All toys are washed on a regular basis. Nap time blankets and bedding are not shared between children. All blankets and bedding are washed on a weekly basis, or more often if necessary.


Our staff members are all in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Colorado. They are all CPR and First Aid Certified. Before hiring, they undergo FBI and CBI fingerprint checks and a central registry background check. They continue their education with ongoing training each year.

visiting nurse

Once a month we have a registered pediatric nurse visit the center. She monitors each child's development and addresses any concerns the center or parents may have.

other special visitors

We have a visit once a month from the “Funsical” man, who fills the center with music and laughter. The kids absolutely love him! The Evergreen Fire Department visits the center each fall with a fire truck and ambulance to teach fire safety. Buckle Bear visits once a year to give the children an awareness of seat belt safety. All Kids Dental visits once a year to promote dental hygiene. And, a real Santa always attends our Christmas Pageant.