Bearly Tawl

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Welcome to our childcare center!

Bearly Tawl Early Learning Center and Preschool is a unique preschool and day care center located in Evergreen, Colorado. Our warm and inviting child care facilities and pristine mountain setting create a nurturing and secure environment that is very much like a home away from home for your infant or child.

"Children are like wet cement. Everything that touches them leaves a lasting impression."
-Haim Ginott

Our philosophy


Education is the cornerstone of everything we do at Bearly Tawl. Even the youngest child has the ability to absorb knowledge, and we begin nurturing this unique talent immediately. Our goal is to prepare your child for the world that comes ahead. Many Bearly Tawl children have quite smooth transitions to formal kindergarten thanks to the building blocks of knowledge and intelligence they have acquired here. We help to lay the foundation for a bright, curious, energetically engaged person who can get the most out of life because they started taking advantage of educational opportunities at a very young age.


For many years, the education experts failed to appreciate the importance of play in childhood development. No longer. Our philosophy is simple: learning should be fun. If it is not fun, it is that much harder to keep children involved. We keep our programs and activities appropriate for each class age, making education not just challenging, but exciting and engaging. We leverage the natural ability children possess to explore their world through imagination, role-playing and cooperative games. Laughter here is welcomed, as it is a sign that we are doing things that have children living and learning in the moment, just as they do at home.


Progress, ultimately, is key to development. Here at Bearly Tawl, that means educational progress such as learning numbers, colors and the alphabet. However, it also means emotional progress, such as realizing how to be a good sharer or team player, or taking responsibility for actions and accepting the mantle of maturity by being a lunch helper, for instance. We all, as parents, know that children grow up quickly. How they grow up is just that much more important.

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