Bearly Tawl Infant Center

The Bearly Tawl infant center provides all the comfort and care of a home environment for your infant. It contains separate sleeping, eating and play areas specifically designed for infants as young as eight weeks old.  

daily activities

Our infant facility is structured so your baby’s individual needs are met. The separate areas allow infants who are ready for a nap to sleep while allowing those who are not to play without disturbing those who are at rest. We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and equipment for each age and stage of development. Infants are given the tools and oversight they require to develop fine and gross motor skills and achieve appropriate cognitive, emotional and social growth. They also enjoy outside fresh air time on our 400 square foot infant deck.   


Infants who are using a bottle are fed according to their individual schedule. They are held and fed until they have learned how to hold their bottle on their own.   

Older infants who are able to sit up unassisted eat at a specially designed table as a group. Those who are able to eat table food (approximately one year old) are provided with a hot finger food lunch. At an age-appropriate pace, we encourage them to learn how to feed themselves

what we provide

We provide food (at approximately one year old). Parents provide all formula and baby food. We provide diapers, wipes, blankets and bedding. Infants do not share blankets or bedding, and these are washed on a weekly basis or more if needed. Our infant facility is sanitized and cleaned on a daily basis.      

infant/supervisor ratio

The ratio in our infant facility is 5 to 1. Infant supervisors are CPR and First Aid Certified.

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