inclement weather policy

safety first

Our staff understands that our decision to open, close, or delay the Center opening during inclement weather often disrupts family schedules. However, as always, our top priority is the safety of our children and staff, so the decision to close or delay opening is not an easy one.

decision-making process

Generally, Bearly Tawl will be closed or delayed for inclement weather when local school districts, Jeffco and/or CCC, are closed or delayed. Still, our center has its own exclusive circumstances. Please understand that we make the decision to open or close the center in inclement weather based on a careful analysis of all relevant factors, including:

  • Weather precipitation throughout the day including amount of snow and/or ice accumulated
  • Weather predictions, temperature and wind chill (including those from a weather alert service)
  • Information on road conditions, staff are unable to make a safe drive to work or home
  • Building conditions, no power or water at the Center

when is the decision made?

We strive to make decisions on delays and closings as many hours in advance as possible, in consideration of families who require time to make arrangements. In most cases the decision will be made the night before, or in uncertain conditions, on the morning of the closing. Please remember that communications will be sent as quickly as possible following a decision, via email and/or Procare messenger, for that please make sure your contact information is up to date in our Procare portal.

what if conditions worsen?

If conditions worsen throughout the day, we may need to have an early dismissal, but we will give as much notice as possible. Management will continue to monitor and assess the conditions and take into account the safety of staff and families. In the event that Management determines that the Center must close during normal hours of operation, parents will be notified and required to pick up their children as soon as possible. However, it is very important for parents to have plans in place in case the decision needs to be made later. We encourage you to consider driving conditions. Always allow yourself plenty of time in the afternoon to pick up your child when the center closes early.

Although we do our absolute best in this process, we know that often no perfect decision exists. If you do not feel that it is safe for your child to attend, use your best judgment whether or not he or she should attend. We prefer to exercise flexibility in these situations as opposed to an inflexible policy.

*Please be aware that if the Center is closed or should close prior to regular closing hours, there will be no reimbursement or credit of childcare fees.